Quality Policy


Quality Policy and Environmental Policy


„Drut-Plast” Fabryka Kabli i Przewodów Sp. z o.o. presents the environmental and quality goals and undertakes to observe them in all aspects of its business activity.



We guarantee high level of clients’ satisfaction through offering high quality products at competitive prices and timely performance



We achieve high quality when the Client returns to us and not our product.

Environmental Policy – We declare:

  1. Reasonable use of energy sources and natural resources.
  2. Creation of favourable conditions for building pro-ecological consciousness and attitude.
  3. Observance and respect for the environmental protection law and other applicable requirements.
  4. Public notification of any pro-ecological actions taken.
  5. Active improvement of the environmental management system.
  6. Taking into consideration the care for natural environment in all decisions made and actions taken.
  7. Taking actions in order to prevent pollutions.


We run our business activity aiming at elimination or minimization of adverse effect on the natural environment with full respect for the environmental protection law.

Quality Policy – We declare:

  1. Continuous and systematic improvement of quality and competitiveness of our products and methods of their manufacturing.
  2. Reinforcing trust in our products and our company as a reliable and solid partner.
  3. Increasing the level of satisfaction of our Clients and constant development of our products.
  4. Implementation of new programmes and standards in our organisation which result from the needs and requirements of our present and future Clients.
  5. Elimination of our errors through analysis of the Clients’ claims rate.
  6. Strengthening the powerful position on the market through constant modernisation of the machine park, introducing new technologies and launching production of new assortments with full engagement of all the staff.
  7. Getting supplies from the suppliers who guarantee raw materials of the agreed level of quality.
  8. Constant improvement of qualifications of the staff through proper education and motivating systems.
  9. Active improvement of the quality management system.


  1. The Managing Board is responsible for motivating all employees to take actions for quality.
  2. The Managing Board is responsible for providing adequate resources to enable the achievement of the quality goals.
  3. The Managing Board’s Proxy for the Integrated Management System is responsible for maintenance and improvement of the Integrated Management System.
  4. Each staff member undertakes to constantly improve the quality at his/her work place.


The means of implementation of the above mentioned goals shall be properly constructed Integrated Management System based on the standard PN-EN ISO 9001 and PN-EN ISO 14001.


The key to success is identification of the employees with the Quality Policy of the Company.


President Barbara Kijak

Vice President Dariusz Zaporowski